Have A Church Wedding In Northamptonshire

Want to have a church wedding in Northamptonshire? That is actually a great idea!

Getting married in a church is no longer compulsory in today’s day and age. A lot of people have opted to get married in other locations – by the beach, in a stately home, a boat, in a garden, and even on a racing circuit! Since there is a wide range of venue options, people have started to get married outside of a church.

Why have a church wedding in Northamptonshire?

The truth is, the majority of the people getting married in this county are doing it outside a church. Only a quarter have chosen to have a church wedding in Northamptonshire. Most of them are covered by the Peterborough Diocese. While the reasons of a couple to choose this type of wedding was not officially documented, a lot of them mentioned that they want to do the right thing.

Apparently, getting married in a church is considered to be the “right thing to do.” That does not mean the other venues to get married – or a civil wedding ceremony, is not legal. It still is. However, some people prefer to have the blessing of a man of God before they start their married life.

This is actually an admirable reason to get married in a church. While it is not necessary, there is something more sacred when you tie the knot in the house of God.

Requirements to get married in a Northamptonshire church

A church wedding in Northamptonshire will require you to qualify for it. You are not really expected to be christened there but you should have lived in the parish for at least 6 months. The same is true if one of you was baptised in that church or was confirmed there, that will also qualify you to get married there. If none of the couples can qualify, having the parents or grandparents meet the requirements should be good enough.

You should also take note of the fees that you need to pay. The legal fee will only cost you £350. That includes the marriage certificate, the legal fees by the government, and other notices connected to your union. In case you want to have flowers decorating the aisle or you want an organist or choir, that will also cost you extra.

Venue options for a church wedding in Northamptonshire

If you meet the requirements, you can choose a church that you want to get married in. There are several options in Northamptonshire.

  • St. Mary the Virgin (Woodford Halse)
  • Holy Cross (Byfield)
  • St. John the Baptist (Upper Boddington)
  • St. George (Evenley)
  • St. Peter w St. James (Brackley)
  • St Michael & All Angels (Farthinghoe)
  • All Saints (Croughton)

Consider these venues when you are planning your church wedding in Northamptonshire. You should also ask the parish regarding their requirements so you are sure that you can qualify to get married there. A church may be the perfect place to tie the knot but if you are not qualified, they will not book you there. Try to finalised this first before you look for a venue for your reception.