Food Catering And Cakes For A Wedding In Northamptonshire

The food catering and the cake for your wedding in Northamptonshire will make your wedding memorable – at least, it will for the guests. After all, they are the biggest consideration when you are choosing the caterer and food that you will serve on your wedding day. Admittedly, the caterer will be the most exhausting hire that you will make. There are so many things to consider before you make your choice.

Tips when choosing a caterer for your wedding

Before you finalise the caterer or cake that you will choose for your wedding, you have to consider a lot of things.

  • Budget. Depending on the number of guests, this may be the biggest expense that you will make on your budget. Before you look for a caterer, make sure that you have established a budget with your partner. It will allow you to narrow your choices efficiently.
  • Check with the venue. The best deal is to have the venue cater the event as well. A lot of venues in Northamptonshire offer this in their package. This will make it easier for you to coordinate your wedding. The fewer suppliers, the less confusion. In case this is not possible with your chosen venue, ask if they have requirements for the caterer so you can pass it on.
  • Look into several caterers. Do as much research as you can. Read reviews and look at their packages. When you talk to them, ask for specifics.
  • Know your theme. If you have a theme, you should ask if they can accommodate that. They will be responsible for setting up the reception so they have to know how to do it. This is also very important for the cake because it will be one of the highlights of the reception.
  • Check what is included in the package. See if they will provide linens, tables, chairs, and dinnerware. Some caterers provide the cake and dessert buffet as well. This will make it easier for you to arrange the wedding details.
  • Schedule a food tasting. You can do this for your top three choices. You need to know that their food is good before you sign a contract.

3 Caterers for your wedding in Northamptonshire

Here are three caterers that you can choose from for your wedding in Northamptonshire.

Creative Event Services

This company caters to all types of events. They have been in the business for more than a decade – which makes them a reliable caterer. They boast of their pig roast and BBQ dishes. They have catered to big events – even those with up to 4,500 people.

The No1 Food People

This caterer is based in Northampton and has been in the business for 20 years. They use fresh ingredients in every dish – all the time. They are flexible enough to accommodate the requests of their guests and can help you with event management as well. They provide a great setup for any event that will make your wedding look as beautiful as it can be.

Browns Events

With more than 22 years of experience, this caterer is known for its hospitality and careful preparation of the menu. Using only fresh ingredients and having talented people on the team will make your wedding meal memorable for everyone.

Feel free to check if these caterers can bake your wedding cake as well. Some caterers include it in their package. It should make things easier to monitor if you have a few suppliers for your wedding in Northamptonshire.