The Wedding Trends Of 2017

Knowing the wedding trends of 2017 will give you an idea about the specifics of your upcoming nuptials. Admittedly, you should follow your personal preference. If you feel like going against the tradition or if you want to do the classic wedding ceremony – feel free to do that. The important thing is to get married according to what you want.

However, there are those who have no idea how to begin. This is where wedding trends can be of help. These can help identify the hottest and newest developments from wedding suppliers. So here are the new trends for couples who want to get married in 2017.

Wedding trends for your dress

Let us start with the wedding dress. This is the center of the wedding after all – excuse us, for the men. We all agree that one of the most anticipated parts of a wedding is the gown of the bride. That means you need to be careful in what you should choose.It is still important to dress according to your body shape. But, it is also possible for you to stay true to that while incorporating some of the new trends – like the following:

  • A Cape. A lot of runways have shown dresses with capes and wedding dresses are free to follow suit. You can opt to use a lace cape or one that is made of satin.
  • Bows. It can be a big bow detail or it can be a small one that adorns the overall design of your gown.
  • Pastel colors. White is not longer mandatory. We see wedding gowns in different shades. Right now, the trend is pastel colours.
  • Satin. This is also a popular fabric for wedding trends of 2017. Lace is still popular but satin should start to be more prominent this year.

Wedding trends for your catering

Next to the wedding gown, the catering is another important part of the wedding. This is something that you will share with your guests. You want to make sure you can serve them sumptuous meals. Not only that, you want to have the right cake to celebrate your marriage. Here are the trends that you need to look into for this year.

  • Creativity. Caterers are starting to be very creative in their food presentations. From food trucks to unique food stations – you are free to choose an option that is aligned with your theme.
  • Dessert table. This is a must – for a lot of reasons. Let your guests hoard the dessert table instead of having it served. Feel free to dress it up according to your theme as well.
  • Creative wedding cakes. There had been a lot of designs when it comes to wedding cakes, translucent and drip cakes seem to be taking the lead right now. Doughnut stacks are also starting to be in demand as an alternative to wedding cakes.

Wedding trends for your decorations

The last of the wedding trends of 2017 that you want to look into includes the decorations. This might help you narrow your choices for wedding venues.

  • Industrial. Warehouses are starting to be a trend right now. That gives the wedding a bit more edge. Pair it with a great floral arrangement and fairy lights and you should have an amazing venue.
  • Paper decorations. In particular, paper flowers are being considered by a lot of couples this year. This is also something that bridal bouquets are adapting into.
  • Gemstones. From the cake to the dress, to the decorations, gemstones are going to be a big hit in 2017.
  • Chalkboard art. This is a cool one. It is a great way to exude a rustic vibe in your wedding. You can do some art or simply place your favourite quote.

We hope you got a lot of info from what we presented about the wedding trends of 2017.